Keep Our Homes Detroit

25,000 homes in Detroit are up for auction and at least 8,000 of them are occupied.

Detroit residents are undergoing the largest mass tax foreclosure crisis in US history. In the next 10 days –until October 22—up to 8,000 occupied Detroit homes Detroit will sell for an estimated average bid of $2,400 at the Wayne County Treasurer’s Auction of Tax-Foreclosed Properties.

Detroit People’s Platform and Storehouse of Hope Community Land Trust are teaming up to purchase occupied homes in the auction and secure them permanently in a Community Land Trust (CLT) so families can stay in their homes and we can ensure that these properties remain permanently the off marketplace and out of the hands of speculators. Families participating in the program have been connected through the United Community Housing Coalition. UCHC provides free housing resources for low and no-income Detroiters.

We’ve reached a vital moment where we can beat the auction at its own game and buy land to 1) keep families housed and 2) place more homes in a community land trust that will ensure these homes remain permanently affordable and safe from speculation.

Our Goal: Raise $100,000 to help keep Detroit families in their homes permanently as part of the Storehouse of Hope Community Land Trust. Take action today! The Wayne County Foreclosure Auction ends October 22nd, 2015

How It Works: The money we raise will be used to keep Detroit families in their homes. Many occupied homes were purchased last year for as little as $1,700—you can see how much impact each dollar you donate will have. All additional funds raised beyond the cost of purchase will go into repairs to the home and paying 2015 taxes.

We have the the opportunity to keep Detroit families in their houses. But we only have 10 days to do it.

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