STATEMENT of European housing movements on the clash of the European austerity regime with the Greek people

The Greek government has called for a national referendum on Sunday, 5th July, for the new ‘bailout’ terms presented by the EU, the ECB and the IMF. These terms include an extension of high VAT and a reduction of pensions, and go even further on the liberalisation of labour, while the programme again fails to write off or cut the extraordinary debt. Under conditions of increased and unpayable sovereign debt, growing unemployment and mass poverty, produced over the past years of the Troika-crisis-regime, the Greek state will stand no chance of running a functioning welfare system, recovering the economy or indeed introducing democratic reforms of taxation. One of the results of this will be the failure to ensure secure, decent housing for all. It is therefore most likely that the new programme presented by EU, ECB and IMF will only serve to worsen the economy and exacerbate the situation of the majority of people in Greece. These people include all those who may lose their homes after private mortgage default or tax debts, and those who cannot find decent and affordable homes, including many refugees and other migrants.

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Portugal: the farce of successful austerity

Lídia Fernandes and Rita Silva, HABITA, Lisbon

If someone asked us for a successful case, we say: Greece! 

In fact, the way Greeks are saying no to austerity, facing such as an adverse context and powerful elites’ blackmail, is giving us, in Portugal and all around Europe, the strength TO SAY NO TO AUSTERITY.

When someone says that the austerity program applied in Portugal was a success, it’s important to ask: Whom was it a success for? Who benefited from austerity? Διαβάστε τη συνέχεια του άρθρου »